Book "Russian craftsmen fabric flowers and leather flowers".

We introduce you a novelty! The book «Russian Craftsmen Fabric Flowers and Leather Flowers». Long-term experience of the best Russian craftsmen is gathered in this book, where they introduce 15 workshops - Fabric Flowers and Leather Flowers. In chapter y Fabric Flowers ou will find many secrets, developed by the authors. Leather Flowers, it is a new advanced direction, in this chapter you will learn how to work with tools, understand difficult process of leather dying. This book – encyclopedia for beginners and good book of reference for craftsmen, already having experience. In chapter material engineering, you can find photos, description and the most important thing – description of tools, paints, fabrics and additional materials. The book will help you to discover infinite possibilities in this beautiful art, Fabric Flowers and Leather Flowers. We believe that our teamwork brings you a lot of pleasant time in your creation!

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